Best Beacon App for You – Apertura

Apertura is the most comprehensive and smart app that creates powerful and precise location-based experiences. Apertura provides indoor positioning and navigation, indoor analytics, and proximity marketing solutions to venues of all sizes. Our Bluetooth-enabled beacons work reliably in various environments like malls, corporate campuses, healthcare facilities, airports, educational institutions, and many more. Apertura’s technology can be easily implemented, conveniently integrated with other platforms, and works in all set-ups without any need for calibrations.

Indoor Navigation

Looking for a solution to locate your customers precisely, monitor their real-time position on a specific floor plan or deliver way-finding guidelines? Your search ends at Apertura! From showcasing merchants and facilities en route to customers, helping travellers find their way through indoor spaces easily and quickly, Apertura ensures an intuitive and seamless experience in all kinds of complex indoor environments.

Proximity Marketing

Send the right message to the right people at the right time. Maximize your conversion rates by pushing relevant notifications to your visitors based on micro-localization. Using Apertura, you can create and send content campaigns and contextual offers to your visitors on their mobile phones. From triggering discount offers, giving loyalty rewards to creating real-time engagement with your target audience, Apertura lets you reach as many customers as possible.

Custom Implementation

Apertura is designed to handle everything, from small-sized brick-and-mortar businesses to large-scale complexes. Having specific requirements regarding beacons? Our app, leveraging iBeacon, wireless sensors, Bluetooth Mesh along with indoor location technology, can easily be customized to suit all your needs. Apertura is a robust and creative app for indoor spaces, helping businesses to increase sales, maximize ROI and improve profitability.

Beacon for Malls

With our beacon-based app, it is now possible for modern retail to fight back against the online shopping giants. Apertura technology combines Indoor Positioning and Navigation with Proximity Marketing to provide your customers with a unique and personalized shopping experience, thereby helping you increase your overall sales. Increased interaction with visitors along with analytical insights into their behaviour can help you improve your retail strategy to drive maximum profits.

Beacon for Indoor Spaces

Apertura has helped 244,295,577 people look, navigate and locate what they are seeking in indoor venues of all sizes. Our app is easy to install, needs no heavy set-ups or technical expertise. Apertura helps you keep track of people and assets inside buildings in real time. Our mobile app, providing indoor navigation, asset tracking, proximity marketing, and analytics solutions, is used by establishments spanning from airports, malls to hospitals, from exhibitions to factories, and from educational institutions to corporate offices.