Leverage the power of proximity for your advertising campaigns. There is nothing more valuable than targeting your prospective customers just when they are on the verge of making a purchase decision. Proximity technology provides you action-oriented insights regarding your customer’s behavior, such as their interests, daily routines, likes and dislikes, location, and much more. All this information can be used to target your messages or promotions exclusively at the individual. Furthermore, businesses can use this information to optimize their inventory, products, and channel to take the sales to a whole new level.


Apertura is an ideal, most cost-effective and state-of-the-art mobile app that fulfils all your marketing, advertising, and sales requirements. The beacons that we install in your location(s) help you to keep track of and understand where your target audience is, right all the way down to the inch. The beacons function by connecting you with your customer’s shopping excursion, right from the time they enter your location till the time they exit. Apertura can assist you to drive sales and build customer allegiance with its revolutionary proximity-based marketing solution.


Our app brings you closer to your customers. Using Apertura, you can digitally engage visitors in the vicinity of your business. Apertura comes with a compact, wireless device that welcomes your visitors with a personalized message as well as a call to action, right as they walk into your door. The app checks in all your visitors for you. It allows you to identify whenever customers visit your outlet, sends them personalized reminders and makes it simple for you to transmit customized messages to them while they’re present at your place of business. Advertise a new product, promote a new service or broadcast an exclusive event by transmitting a unique message using Apertura app. Our platform provides real-time analytics, which implies you can easily view real-time progress of your proximity marketing campaigns.


Apertura makes the process of working with beacons mind-numbingly effortless. You do not require any resources to build your own app, nor feel stressed about it being overpriced or intricate. For a start, this technology is reasonably priced: particularly involving minimal-cost hardware. We provide the flexibility required to drive relevant experiences, foster meaningful relationships and generate real ROI through our app. Our solution makes use of leading-edge encryption technology, which means the information always remains secure. Our program, as well as servers, go through the most stringent stress analytics tests to ensure minimal downtime. We provide you with the required assistance & on-going strategy support to ensure the success of your marketing campaign and growth aspirations.